Can your customer identify your brand with their eyes closed?

Welcome to Sonic Senses

We create the sound for your brand that makes sense. The present market place for branding is highly crowded with all kinds of visual branding methods and techniques.We can help you stand out and have more influence with our sound solutions.

Do you know that you can make your branding a multi sensory experience?

Yes, you read that right, we can do it for you!

What are we trying to do?

We will make sounds that carry the essence of your brand. You can use these sounds at various touch points to enrich the experience of your audience.

We start from scratch, understand your brand from its core, from the existing branding mediums and various parameters. We then develop solutions to various touch points that your brand has.

Example Touch Points

UI Sounds

UI Sounds are so important and they are generally added from random audio libraries. We curate specific UI sounds that communicate the feeling that you require your customer to feel.

Audio Logo

How important is a visual logo for your brand? What if you can have a signature sound that follows your visual logo every time?

Brand Sounds

Brand characteristics can be represented with the help of brand sound. Characteristics like if your brand is tech, reliable, trustworthy, and many more can be represented by sound.

Things you can take granted for

We will represent your brand vision, mission, and purpose through sound.

We will bring a wow moment for every touch point that we sound design.

Proper support and help for implementation at various levels.